Foundation has been involved in Participatory Research with local communities and farmers. In the Participatory Research, MSSRF has for a long time now, in response to both the scope and the need, been setting up local community-based institutions, with the objectives of Creating local platforms to ensure effective community participation with social equity Building new capacities and Sustaining the results of the development interventions after we exit from project mode by building the social capital.

In this context, the concept of a GI works on the hypothesis that local development within the community can be driven by user group members rather than promoting or facilitating agencies and making people agents of their own change and sustain the changes through building autonomous local institutions.

CAbC has sofar facilitated 4 GI’s under different Programme Areas either on common property or private property resources with varied objectives according to the Nature and mandate of MSSRF and Interests and needs of the communities living in the local context.

In private property focussed institutions, objective is to strengthen the input and output value chains with gender inclusiveness, whereas in common property resources based institutions focus is given to facilitate collective action for sustainable resource management. In both the cases social capital is promoted through collective activities identified in their respective GI’s and group/federation meetings and interactions.