This activity area aims to empower local communities to sustainably utilise the agro-biodiversity. The team tries these to bring extensive expertise in management of these areas to provide sustainable solutions for livelihood and food security needs of the poor families. The Livelihood team focuses on improving the knowledge and economic base of the villagers, particularly women in the area of medicinal plants and water resource management.  Their focus on improving the livelihood of the economically and socially marginalized communities through appropriate projects on mushroom, bio-inputs, medicinal plants nurseries and cultivation, preparation of herbal formulations etc. yielded reasonably good results


Ongoing Programes

Green Health Initiative

CAbC embarked on a Biohealth programme in 1998, aimed at imparting knowledge to women regarding the healing nature of plants with the twin intent of aiding them in reducing medical expenditure and towards conserving medicinal plants. ( Read More )

Tribal Area Food Security Initiative

To reduce the drudgery of tribal/rural farmers and women and to introduce enhanced efficient income generation avenues, CAbC facilitated the implementation of appropriate agro-techniques for on-farm value addition to agricultural products, by-products and wastes for greater economic returns.( Read More )

Revival of Pepper and Ginger

The basic objective of the project is on the enhancement of productivity of pepper and ginger, its quality production, value addition and marketing to fetch fair price and better earnings to the tribal farm families.( Read More )

WADI project

WADI project is a NABARD funded Tribal Development Programme (TDP) which aims at promoting sustainable livelihoods for tribal communities and enhancing their income security ( Read More ).