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Connecting people to nature: MSSRF leads river rejuvenation

Observing this year’s World Environment Day, MSSRF Wayanad launched a year-long action to rejuvenate Vithukadu stream-a tributary of Kabany river. Meppady Grama Panchayath, Social Forestry, Kalpetta and five regional clubs of Meppady and Paristhithi Samrakshana Samithi, Puthoorvayal joined MSSRF in this effort. wed2017 4500 saplings of Reeds (Ochlandra spp.) and Pandanus along 3 KM river banks, marked the first measure. More saplings of Anthocephalus, Syzygium and Terminalia will also be planted, said V. V. Sivan, Senior Scientist of MSSRF. Connecting people to nature would be more meaningful if everyone values and respect nature, he added. Inaugurating the programme, K. K. Sahad, President of Meppady Grama Panchayath, explained the panchayath’s initiative to plant a tree in each household, a very personal family tree! wed2017 270 saplings of Rare Endemic and Threatened (RET) plant species were also distributed for which the people took a conservation pledge. Lalitha Mohan, Sahishna K.P. and Sukumaran spoke on the occasion. wed2017