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Inclusion of tribal children into the Knowledge production and transfer process is vital for ensuring their participation in the schools.

M S Swaminathan Research Foundation has organized a two days seminar on tribal education as part of the Tribal youth skill development programme funded by SBI Life Insurance. This two year project trained 140 tribal youth in various skills and equipped them to attend competitive exams. 53 youth from different communities including 27 from the most backward Paniya community has placed in different jobs including government jobs through Kerala Public Service Commission. Community knowledge centre including a computer lab, library and training centre, exclusively for the tribal youth, established as part of this project is also inaugurated in this occasion.

The seminar is organized to bring the tribal youth in to the serious discussion on tribal education and to seek practical remedial measures to bring the tribal children back to schools. The two day seminar discussed various issues related with the educational backwardness of tribal communities in three different sessions: primary education, high school and higher secondary education, education and livelihood. Different educational activists and researchers from various parts of Kerala, representatives of government departments and representatives of educated tribal youth presented papers on the topics.
The inclusiveness of education institutions, inclusiveness of content of education and the other social and economic conditions of tribal life are identified as key factors that has to be examined in detail while addressing tribal educational issues. Participation of tribal children in the education process can only be ensured with a content and methodology which reflect their culture and life. An inclusive process of knowledge production and transfer will ensure participation and ownership among tribal children. The seminar concluded. “This is a unique CSR activity of SBI Life in south India and we are happy that we could achieve some good results through this partnership”. Mr. G.Subhash Babu, Regional Director, SBI Life who was the chief guest in the function. “First we have to democratize our educational institutions and content to enhance tribal children participation in schools” Said. Anandan Master Kannur. “Aspiration among tribal youth to get educated is very high now days. But the problem is we are not getting opportunities to express ourselves in the schools” Said. Mr. Siju, Muthanga.

“The primary school teacher should know and recognize that every tribal child has a separate language and a different culture. That is the first step to welcome a tribal Child to the schools.” Said Mrs. Suma, A school teacher from Paniya community. Mr. C.K Sashindran MLA inaugurated the Seminar and the Community knowledge centre for tribal youth established as part of the project. Mr. G.Subhash Babu, Regional Director, SBI Life was the chief guest of the function. Mr.K.K Surendran, DIET, Shri. Anandan Master Kannur, Shri. Harindran Assit. Professor, Kannur Univeristy, Shri. Nidhish Kumar, Researcher Gandhi Gram University, Shri. Vineesh, Research Officer SCRT, Mr.O. Pradeep Kumar, SSA District Programme Officer, Mr. A.J. Peter, Educational Activist, A.K Sasisharan, DIET, Sulthan Bathery presented papers. Mrs. Suma, teacher Meenagadi higher secondary school, Mr.Siju, Muthanga, Mrs. Radha, MSSRF, Miss Megha, Mr. Sudheesh, Mr.Krishnan Ambalavayal, Miss. Sumi, reflected on the presentations representing tribal communities of Wayanad. Mr. Muhammed Basheer, Mr, Keshavan, Wayanad Tribal Development Action Council(WTDC), Mr. Balan, WTDC and Dr. C.S Chandrika Principal Scientisst addressed the seminar. 270 tribal youth from Wayanad attended the seminar.