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 Empower and encourage tribal youth leadership programme:

TATA steel in collaboration with M.S.Swaminathan Research Foundation organized Regional SAMVAAD (South India)-2017, a 2 day tribal conclave at M.S.Swaminathan Research Foundation , Puthoorvayal,Wayanad on 25th and 26th August 2017.This is to commemorate the birth anniversary of the iconic tribal freedom fighter, Birsa Munda. About 123 participants from the three states (Kerala, Karanata and Tamil Nadu)converged at this conclave.28 communities of tribes including Bettukuruba, Kaattunayaka,Yaravanayaka, Kadakuruba, Jenukurumba,Kani, Kuruma, Kaattunayakar, Paniya, Toda, Mullakuraumba, Adinaikkar, Muthuvan, Kotta, Adiyar, Urali, Kurichan, Kurumar, Muthuvan, Vattukurumba, Muduga, Ulladam, Mullukurumba, Koraga, SGA,Jenukuruba, ? Ulladan played a part in this conclave.

The conclave embarked with an ice braking session of lamp lighting succeeded by an Inaugural ceremony lectured by Dr. V. Balakrishnan Head, CAbC MSSRF),Devaki Standing Committee Chairman, District Panchayath, and Mr. Kesavan Tribal Leader .Dr. Girijan Gopi, Principal Scientist, MSSRF, Dr. Chandrika, Principal Scientist, MSSRF, Mr.Biren Butta, Chief CSR, TATA Steel, Captain Amitabh, Head, TATA Steel skill development society, Dr. Balasubramanium, SVYM,Mysore were spoke .

All participants were clustered to 7 groups, shadowed by group discussions. Multifarious tribal problems like gender and women empowerment, education and livelihood, tradition wisdom and culture, social challenges and personality development were discussed. An active participation from the tribal youth was witnessed. Action plan on mandatory tribal placement in Government tribal sectors, awareness on POCSO LAW, Preservation of ethnic medicine system, remedial measures to reduce school dropouts were drafted.

The programme helped in sharing tribal wisdom and dispelling prejudices for the exchange of ideas and which would help to document and preserve a body of knowledge that run the risk of being obliterated.