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Five days training for IFS Probationers 2016-2018 course was catalogued for 12 IFS probationers from Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy, Dehradun at MSSRF,CAbC, Wayanad Campus from 29th October to 3rd November,2017.The programme rolled out with a session chaired by S .C.Joshi,IFS, Chairman, Kerala State Biodiversity Board Balagopal,IAS, Dr.N. Anil kumar, Senior Director, MSSRF, Shajna Kareem, Assistant Conservator of Forest, Social Forestry, Wayanad, Abdul Azeez, DFO, Kalpetta, Dr.V.Balakrishnan, Head, MSSRF CAbC spoke at the occasion. ifs

The whole group was clustered into two for field level engagement facilitated by MSSRF Co-ordinators. They were given an opportunity to visit the Edavaka Grama Panchayath , and Mukkilpedika to understand sustainable resource utilization and settlement in forest land (FRA land).Tribal hamlets at Cheeyambam Colony and Athikolli Kurichiya Colony was also visited where many tribal issues were putforth. Interactions with BMCs helped them to understand its activities on biodiversity conservation as well as their role to improve tribal livelihood-said Dhanraj,IFS Probationaire,2016 batch .Also MSSRF acts as a glue that links all the departments relating sustainable community agro biodiversity conservation and the local people of Wayanad, he added. ifs

A discussion on the man animal conflict issues was held at Thirunelli Panchayath and assessment of ex situ conservation at Manikavu sacred grove interaction with temple authourity was arranged.Familiarization of the Bird diversity at Muthanga wild life sanctuary with Vishnu Das and the floral and faunal diversity of Tholpetty wildlife sanctuary under the guidance of Dr. Ratheesh Narayanan,and a trekking to Chembra Peak to provide an exposure to RET plants/birds/butterflies,guided by MSSRF CAbC team was organized. M.S.Swaminathan Foundation works fabulously on RET plants with helping hands from Wayanad Forest Department and their role in conserving biodiversity with BMCs are to be extolled,said Vijayakumar,IFS Probationer. ifs

This programme concluded with a valedictory function. Shri Umesh IAS, Manathavady Sub Collector, Wayanad district presided over the function. A self introduction was fornamed by all the probationary officers and shared their experience with CAbC team. Kezagwagmo,an IFS Probationer opined that this training opened their eye on how the organization helped the tribals in their development and how it influenced various communities in Wayanad,. They also mentioned that it would have been better if exposure on the relation between NGO and forest department was given. They thanked the institution for the hospitality shown towards them