"To familiarize the tribal and rural children with local biodiversity, recent trends in genomics and information & communication technologies"

Since 2002, CAbC has been implementing a programme called `Every Child A Scientist' (ECAS) to inculcate the values of biodiversity conservation amongst the rural and tribal children and youth.
The objective of the programme is to familiarize tribal children and youth towards local biodiversity and its' importance; scientific knowledge; and information and communication technologies. The programme is based on a well-developed curriculum aided by simple databases and booklets of resource materials. Emphasis is given to address the diversity of ecosystems, habitats, and landscapes and their importance in the day-to-day human life.

As part of enabling exploration and documentation of bio-resources and their value to the community, children are given exposure to some basic skills in botanical illustrations, plant collection as well as identification, herbarium preparation techniques and traditional knowledge documentation.

An Education team consisting of experts has been formed with members drawn from different disciplines: wildlife, ecology, plant taxonomy, ornithology, horticulture and agriculture. In addition, volunteers of the Biodiversity Conservation Corps (BCC) who were trained earlier by MSSRF extended their help in conducting field trips and introducing the children to the other stakeholders. Some traditional healers were also involved in educating children about the medicinal uses of various herbs known to them. Printed materials like magazines, booklets, and posters are being developed about different issues like conservation of medicinal plants, endangered plants, wild food species and wild relatives of crop plants.