RET plant species and promoting integrated conservation

A floristic study to unravel the angiosperm diversity of Wayanad district highlighted the biological significance of the region that provides habitat for about 25% of the Rare, Endemic and/ or Threatened flowering plant species of Western Ghats. A total of 2100 flowering plants were documented, with 52 Red Data Species and 650 endemics of Western Ghats. It led the establishment of a conservation garden with 125 orchid species, 30 fern species, 156 endemic tree species and 60 accessions of wild tuber crops and a herbarium with more than 8000 specimens of flowering plants. Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt of India has accredited this garden as Lead Botanical Garden for RET plants and given support to augment the components.


15 Species of Flowering Plants NEW to science

In recognizing the role of traditional beliefs in promoting conservation measures, the Centre has also facilitated establishment of a zodiac forest (plants representing zodiac signs), and restoration of sacred groves in the premises of CAbC and Koottakkavu temple, Pozhuthana. The centre has formed a forum – forRET – in 2007 for ensuring the open-ended participation of organizations and individuals working for the cause of conservation of RET species.